iron man cardboard costume template

These billboards will be located in various cities with the highest traffic flow the week before and week of the release date. 24. Advertising Program Posters • These outlets will be located in areas with high traffic flow and transit use. You can use four spontaneously grown arms to clobber those goons. On the package will be a QR code which consumers can scan to directly donate to The American Heart Association and participants will receive a digital coupon for money off DVD purchases. • Special Events – 9%: Will be incentives for DVD purchase and create excitement around the release date. • Sales Promotions – 40%: To create excitement about the DVD and offer incentives of the DVD purchase that will motivate consumers to buy. • To ark excitement and interest among our target market. These will be a cost efficient form of advertising that will reach a significant amount of both our primary and secondary target market.

• This combo pack will be appealing because it offers an extra incentive to buy the DVD and get both items for less cost than to buy both individually. SEE ALSO: How Much Would It Cost to Be Iron Man 3 in Real Life? 1.00 Off On-pack Coupon These special offer coupons will be included in our promotional partners packaging such as General Mills Cheerios, and current Iron Man branded merchandise and products such as the Iron Man 3 Soundtrack. 17. Product Evaluation Other Considerations Soundtrack/DVD Combo Pack • We chose to offer a combo pack including both the Iron Man 3 DVD and the Iron Man 3 soundtrack. The soundtrack includes currently popular artists and diverse genre selections that appeals to both our primary and secondary target market. We believe the target market will respond positively to this combo pack due to both their demographic and psychographic characteristics. 22. Advertising Program Television: – We will have a commercial to announce our DVD release that will inform our target audience of our Combo and Bonus Pack DVD sets loaded with special features and deleted scenes. • Option E: 3-Pack Edition – This combo package will include Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and Iron Man 3 as well as the original content and bonus features from the entire series of Iron Man.

It will be the third installment of the Iron Man film series and the seventh installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Marvel Cinematic Universe series has proven to be successful, as it’s the 5th highest grossing film series. Good design, but once again, it’s the color scheme that dings this so low. Plus, channeling them would allow for a certain amount of creative freedom, artistic license, and varied takes, and yet with their specific color schema the intent would be obvious when all the costumes, like the stones, come together. 40 million. This total budget will be distributed among the following programs • Advertising – 30%: Our way of reaching the most amount of consumers to create awareness of the DVD release and promotional incentives. 1.00 off of the Iron Man 3 DVD. 8. Man of Steel is a strong direct competitor of Iron Man 3, but not to worry!

• Option C: Iron Man 3 Collectors Edition – This will include both the Blu-ray and basic DVD collection. 13. Product Evaluation Package Considerations • Option A: Iron Man 3 DVD – This will include the basic DVD which includes interactive menus, deleted scenes, and director commentary feature. • Option B: Iron Man 3 DVD Blu-Ray – This will include all the same features as the basic DVD but be featured in Blu-ray digital format. • To make the purchase of the DVD more appealing to our audience by offering incentives, promotions, and contests for target market to participate in. There are a few different ways you can make your symbol. In just California alone there are 236 Target distributions we will use to promote awareness abut the Iron Man 3 DVD release. 19. Marketing Objectives Objectives Marketing Objective • Our objective is to Reach 80% of our target market through the use of media channels that directly correlate with the demographics and psychographics of both the primary and secondary target markets. 28. Sales Promotion Program Consumer Sales Promotions Contest • Objectives – To encourage consumers to purchase Iron Man 3 DVD while also influencing our consumers to use the American Express Credit Card.

Already participating brands like Listerine and Reach will add the Iron Man 3 logo and dates for the DVD release. Japanese Geisha Girl, Roman Gladiator, or Native American Indian are a few suggestions for outfits that will simultaneously instruct and impress. For this year a few of the most popular searches have been for the movies Twilight, best iron man costume Star Trek and the Transformers. With so many cute and adorable options there is no doubt you and your family will have great memories. There will be a total of 100 winning keychains spread throughout our channels of distribution at random. • We want to sell our DVD’s through indirect channels of distribution to reach the most sufficient amount of our target audience while maximizing profits. 20. Budget Budget While implementing our DVD promotional campaign, we want to utilize as many media outlets and channel distributions to increase sales and generate revenue. While fighting Nitro some of the gas escaped from the canister and Marvel had to seal it with his bare hands to stop the leak.

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